Today in the city Neptune Beach 27.07.2017
‘American Idol’: Who’s Back for ABC Revival (EXCLUSIVE)

“American Idol” is getting the band back together. As producer FremantleMedia preps the upcoming 16th season of the revived series on ABC, it has quietly begun to draw a number of “I...

Back In China, Basketball Legend Yao Ming Pursues Philanthropy

Despite fears that he would leave China behind, basketball legend Yao Ming always planned to come back and use his fame and fortune for philanthropy.

Utah's Chaffetz Joining Fox News, Writing Book Post-Congress

Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he's becoming a Fox News Channel contributor to keep his voice in politics while starting a consulting firm and writing a book after he leaves Congress this we...

3 phrases that'll calm down an angry boss after you make a big mistake

If you spend enough time working, you'll likely make a mistake (or two) that you'll need to bounce back from.

7 random Obama-era regulations Republicans decided to roll back

Republicans have enjoyed majorities in both houses of Congress since 2014, but many of their key initiatives — deregulation, antiabortion policies, states rights — have stalled in the past...

The politics of wedding cake: 'This Is Us' writer Bekah Brunstetter ices a big year with a timely play

When Bekah Brunstetter needs to think through an issue, she starts writing. Sometimes she keeps at it until she’s come up with a play, such as her new comic drama “The Cake.” But what’s most important...

Convince Your Boss To Let You Telecommute -- And Save $4,000 A Year

Does your boss still need some convincing? Here’s how to make your case. For every worker who telecommutes even just 50% of the time, your employer can save $11,000, thanks to higher productivity and...

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